Since olden times the oak wood has been considered as one of the best of all tree species. Due to its unique characteristics, among which durability, strength and reliability may be noted, it has earned the reputation on all continents. Moreover, among the hundreds of oak varieties it is rightly considered Russian-European species are the best choice; their advantages and features will be discussed in this article.

Due to their excellent properties - strength, hardness, durability, resistance to damage and ease of processing - solid oak wood furniture panels may be used for internal and external finishing. By interior decoration, furniture panels will show to advantage as material for boarding of walls as well as ceilings. It may be used for manufacture of floor coverings and window sills with excellent characteristics and beautiful appearance. Oak panels are widely used in the furniture industry - from manufacture of facades and panels to tabletops and frames, they are also used for the manufacture of stairs. Let’s touch upon each scope of application of oak wood furniture panels:

The solid wood furniture panels are a material of precut and glued wooden beams 10 to 50 mm in width, produced in the form of square or rectangular panels. Furniture panels made of oak, which have been applied for more than 100 years, are used in various spheres of life. Due to their advantages, they have been used for construction works and in the manufacture of furniture and as well as for creation of decorative elements. However, the manufacturing technology, including a sequence of certain stages of work, has changed little, if at all, for the past century. Let's take a closer look at the main points which the processing procedure includes.

Grade classification of oak furniture panels allows the customer to define the wood quality level and characteristics of the presented wood defects (if available). To find out more details on this issue, first of all it is necessary to understand what wood defects it is referred to. Let’s consider the most common thereof.