Oak sawn Timber

Oak sawn Timber

Sawn timber is a wood after sawing which has a certain grade, quality, size. Depending on type of sawing, wood processing, its dimensions there are several types of sawn timber.


1. Based on the kind of sawing:

There are two types of timber, differed by cutting technology: radial (the cut passes through the trunk heartwood) or flat-grain (the cut plane is tangential to the rings of a tree).

2. Based on the size, processing, calibration

There are five main types of timber: unedged (the edge is not sawn off, or is partially sawn off), square edged (the edge is characterized by wane and accurate rectangular cross section), one-side edged timber (has one edge sawn off perpendicular to the faces), calibrated (exposed to drying and is processed according to exact sizes), planed (edges processed by planing).

3. Based on end processing 

Sawn timber may be trimmed or untrimmed i.e. cut according to the specified length or not

The classification can be performed on the basis of various features - dry or raw material, treated with septic tank or not, etc. We have given only the main types of classification.


Our company offers several types of sawn timber products of various sizes, grades, cross sections and diameters:

  • planks edged and unedged, that may be used in the furniture industry or in construction;
  • bar, a rough-sawn timber used in the furniture industry or for the manufacture of furniture panels;
  • sleepers (supports of railway rails);
  • slab (may be used in construction or as fuel);
  • mining slab (construction and furniture industry).

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