Edge-glued oak furniture panels

Edge-glued oak furniture panels

Products made of oak are used by people all over the place. In recent years, solid wood furniture panels made of oak are increasingly used in furniture production, for repair and construction work. Because of its strength and durability, aesthetically appealing structure, diversity of processing options and environmental compatibility, the furniture panels have approved themselves in the construction market.


There is a definite classification of furniture panels based on a method of manufacturing (edge-glued and finger-joint), as well as grade marking, indicated by two letters. Characteristics and scope of application of furniture panels are determined depending on their type and grade.

An edge-glued furniture panel consists of separate strips of wood treated in a special way (lamellas), glued along the entire length. Professionals appreciate such furniture panels, since they perfectly imitate a homogeneous solid oak wood structure and have a uniform grain. Depending on the characteristics of the wood used in production, edge-glued furniture panels may be presented in three grades - AA, AB and BB.


The edge-glued furniture panels are marked as AA, AB or BB depending on the wood grade of each side of the product (the first letter stands for the grade of one panel side, and the second – for the other side).

AA Grade. The most expensive and high-quality type of furniture panel, where lamellas in the final product are chosen not only according to cutting, but also in color and texture. In such products, it is strictly not allowed to have any, even the smallest wood flaws.

AB Grade. It differs from the highest grade in that on one of the sides, sapwood and / or light intergrown knots not exceeding the size of 5 mm may be presented.

BB Grade. In this case lamellas shall be chosen by the nature of the cut. At the same time according to the standard, brown stains are possible on both sides of the panel. Among other defects sound tight knots are also acceptable, if their sizes do not exceed 10 mm.

BC Grade. Lamellas are not selected according to the grain or texture, significant differences in colors are allowed. There may be some defects which do not affect either the aesthetics or the performance characteristics. For example, the presence of sapwood and knots of up to 30 mm are considered acceptable.


Edge-glued oak panels of any grade may be presented in different sizes depending on Customer needs:

  • product thickness may be 20 or 40 mm;
  • panel width may reach up to 1100 mm;
  • length of finished products varies between 900 and 3100 mm.

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