Since olden times the oak wood has been considered as one of the best of all tree species. Due to its unique characteristics, among which durability, strength and reliability may be noted, it has earned the reputation on all continents. Moreover, among the hundreds of oak varieties it is rightly considered Russian-European species are the best choice; their advantages and features will be discussed in this article.


- Strength, reliability and durability are hallmarks of oak products. The history speaks for the reliability of the wood - many items of medieval life made of oak reached our times in almost perfect condition. The durability is due to not only the quality of the wood itself, but also its correct processing. Lacquering of the oak wood may protect the products from harmful effects of moisture, cracking and burning out, and they will be in use over the years.

- Beautiful appearance and versatility. The oak has a stunning noble grain. However, it is not extravagant, and it allows products of this wood species to blend seamlessly into any interior - whether it's bench in the garden or living room furniture. In addition, due to the absence of deficiency in the oak, it is easier to choose various interior design items made of this wood type, similar in appearance, than using rare wood species.

- Ease of production and processing. Oak wood is easy to work, perfectly amenable to painting and lacquering. A smooth surface of the wood allows to perform accurately the carving and to create true masterpieces.

- Good energetics. Oak interiors create a favorable atmosphere in rooms, harmony and tranquility reign there.

- Eligible investment. The durability of products made of oak and rich look can transform oak interior items in the investment object. When properly used, such items may be saved for decades without changing its appearance and only increasing their own value.


In the world there are many species of trees that serve the people faithfully. A lot of wood species are exclusive and much more expensive than ordinary oak wood. But despite this, the oak has always been and remains today a real king of trees, what is not hard to verify by comparing it with some popular species of wood.


Beech is also one of the most popular species of wood for the manufacture of interior items. Nevertheless, in respect to the qualitative characteristics - durability, strength and hardness - it still can not outdistance its main competitor. Although in terms of the density these two types of wood are not too different, beech has one very serious shortcoming. This wood is able to collect moisture, so that the product can significantly deform. Furthermore, beech is exposed to molds and fungi (especially when beech products are installed outdoors), which also considerably reduces its value.


Ash products are not uncommon among interior design items; this wood species is considered to be a fine wood. However, it like beech is behind the oak in terms of moisture resistance. In rooms with high humidity levels, ash wood may deform and get out of order.


Pine wood is often used in the manufacture of interior items, but essentially loses out to the oak wood in respect of the characteristics due to the low hardness level (which eventually leads to the presence of scratches and chips on the product). Furthermore, such products are inhomogeneous in structure and density and may start to darken in the course of time.


In some cases – when used for the exterior finishing – alder wood may be subject to decay. In addition, this wood is capricious enough during processing; it may not be distinguished by elasticity and strength. So, it can not be a better choice for the manufacture of interior items when compared with oak wood.


For sure, redwood products (collectively referred to as a number of tropical trees of distinguishing color) look very impressive and are rightly seen as luxuries. However, in some cases, oak wood compares favorably with them. In particular, financially: as at the same quality level, the price of oak wood is substantially lower compared to the redwood. In addition, a traditional oak wood is much more versatile than rare species of trees, and a lot easier to fit into any interior.