Due to their excellent properties - strength, hardness, durability, resistance to damage and ease of processing - solid oak wood furniture panels may be used for internal and external finishing. By interior decoration, furniture panels will show to advantage as material for boarding of walls as well as ceilings. It may be used for manufacture of floor coverings and window sills with excellent characteristics and beautiful appearance. Oak panels are widely used in the furniture industry - from manufacture of facades and panels to tabletops and frames, they are also used for the manufacture of stairs. Let’s touch upon each scope of application of oak wood furniture panels:


One of the main applications of a furniture board made of oak, that it is clear from the title, is the production of furniture. This oak wood is so universal, that is perfect for both the furniture in the living room, bedroom or nursery, and for kitchens, bathrooms, or outdoor products. The apparent advantage of this type of material is a perfectly smooth surface and natural authenticity. And due to skill and proficiency of the master, oak wood panels can substantially change the nature - from the cute rustic appeal to the noble charm.


Oak panel doors have a number of positive features, thanks to which they have become widespread. Such products have a high level of sound insulation and can be used both as interior and front doors. A noble appearance and the possibility of various finishing enhance the value of this wood species in the eyes of consumers.


Despite of the blanket distribution of plastic products, window sills made of oak are on top of their relevance. The only thing they lose their man-made competitors is the price. In all other respects the oak panel sills are absolute leaders. First of all, the natural wood is environmentally friendly and will not give off harmful substances. Oak is highly competitive with plastic in strength properties. As for the aesthetic side, the natural wood, of course, is always a favorite.


Due to their reliability, durability and aesthetic characteristic, multilayer oak panels can be used for boarding, as well as as finishing material for frame-and-panel houses. They are also often used as boards for walls, slabs and even ceilings.


Undoubtedly, stairs is one of the key elements of interior decoration in any room; and it always attracts close attention. It is important not to make mistakes when choosing a timber in order that the stairs could delight the owner with high quality and pleasant appearance. Stairs made of oak wood panels are the best suited for this purpose. Excellent aesthetic properties of oak, its durability and reliability will certainly justify your choice.


One of the most common - solid oak panel parquet, as well as other products from this wood species can be distinct in durability and beautiful appearance with pronounced wood structure. Solid oak wood furniture panels came into common use as a floor covering due to high stiffness value and resistance to change its humidity level in indoor applications; these properties do not allow the parquet boards to deform. Speaking about the appearance of the oak panels, their elegance should be noted, and that is true for all shades of oak parquet. Floors made of oak panels may have color from light gray to brown or darker with a reddish tint. In addition, in use the wood can slightly darken, giving the flooring a shade of noble antiquity.