Our production

Our production

The main activity of BelProgressCompany company is manufacture of sawn timber and solid wood furniture panels made of oak. This process involves only the best specialists, professionals at their job who make the production process faultless by using modern equipment. 


In the production of sawn timber, in the first place the attention should be paid to the quality of raw materials – round wood. Low-grade wood with multiple defects can not be good sawn timber even under the most careful processing. That is why our specialists use only the highest-quality solid wood, which is sawn on the horizontal band saw or multi-blade saw machines:

- emerging band saw technology allows to significantly reduce the amount of waste after cutting a tree trunk, and significantly increase the yield of useful product;

- multi-blade saw machines are multi-purpose and due to the simultaneous execution of several operations increase capacity of the woodworking line.

The whole production process for the sawn timber manufacture takes place indoors that allows our company to operate continuously without the decrease in production volumes.


Our equipment and qualification of personnel allow to produce high-quality oak panels (edge-glued and finger-joint) - natural solid oak wood lamellas glued together in a special way - using our own resources. The process of manufacture of solid wood furniture panels requires special equipment and severe conformity to technologies so that the finished products meet all quality standards. In particular, the sawn solid oak is exposed to a drying process, then it passes through a series of machine tools, subjected to pressing, gluing and sanding. Every work stage is performed in strict sequence and allows no deviations from the established norms. So and in no other way one can obtain eventually high-quality furniture panels, which for many years will retain their original appearance.

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