ZLH – 4.25 (LATVIA)

Horizontal band saw machine

Band sawmill ZLH 4.25 is a horizontal band saw machine. The band sawmill is designed for use in the workshops of primary mechanical wood processing. The band saw is used for sawing of logs and beams into sawn timber of required size. Capacity of the band sawmill is 6 -10 m3/h.

The bandsaw mill is available in a steady state. The band saw machine is equipped with a hydro-mechanical saw band tension, band cooling, electric lift of saw band block, with displacement of cutting plane. The band saw mill is designed for individual and small batch production.

Specifications of ZLH - 4,25:
Capacity 5 – 8 m3/8 h.
Operating speed up to 12 m/min.
Saw band: length 4250 mm.
Saw band: width 35 mm or 40 mm.
Engagement of the saw band into the log skew (at an angle)
Electric motor of cutting unit lift 0.75 kWt
Size of work pieces:
Length up to 6.3 m
Diameter up to 0.73 m.
Hydraulic band tension
Length 7.8 m.
Width 2.1 m.
Height 2.3 m.
Weight 1380 kg.


Horizontal band saw machine

The Wood-Mizer Machine design was developed by two American engineers Donald Laskowski and Daniel Tekulve, which became the founders of Wood-Mizer company in Indianapolis in 1982. Model LT40 makes about 80% among the 40,000 Wood-Mizer machines operating now around the world. This machine is the most popular in Russia today.

Requirements to the equipment increase gradually. And Wood-Mizer company decided to improve the design of the machine in order to enhance its performance, reliability, maintainability and to reduce the time required for maintenance. Thus, a series of band sawmill Wood-Mizer LT70 has been developed.


Technical specifications of LT70
Maximal log size for LT70S 950 mm in diameter x 4800 mm in length
Maximal log size for LT70M 950 mm in diameter x 6100 mm in length
Maximal log size for LT70L 950 mm in diameter x 6100 mm in length
Log feeding system Hydraulic
Sawing head movement Electric
Electric main motor 18.5 kWt
Diesel main motor 42 HP
Additional devices Debarker, shipping kit, remote control
Extensions of the frame 500 mm; 1800 mm; 3600 mm; 7200 mm


Multi-blade saw machine

WP-500 multi-blade saw machine (Germany) for cant sawing is designed for rip-sawing of sawn timber, beams and untrimmed planks.

The design of the machine housing is a strong welded body, which greatly reduces the possibility of vibration during operation of the machine. The material is fed by rolls; height adjustment is carried out mechanically by the visual line. The length of the frame can be of any length according to Customer request. 

Continuous feed offers the possibility to use this machine for various sawing modes. In the case of installation of 10 saws with a diameter of 450 mm for cutting the work piece with a thickness of 150 mm, it is necessary to equip the machine with the 55 kW engine power. 

Specifications of WP-150
Cutting height 10-150 mm
Horizontal opening 500 mm
Vertical opening 175 mm
Minimal material length 800 mm
Spindle speed 2466 rpm
Number of circular blades 1-10 pcs
Diameter of circular saws 450 mm
Continuous feed speed 3,5 ? 12 m/min
Motor of the main drive motor 18,5 (basis) and up to 55 kWt
Power of the feed drive motor 1,1 – 2,2 kWt
Machine length 4200 mm
Machine width 1300 mm
Machine height 1700 mm
Weight 1300 kg


Multi-blade saw machine (Italy, manual half-beam feeding, cutting depth up to 100 mm), Wood Mizer sharpening machines, cross-cut DMDK-50, edge trimmers, lift trucks.

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