About Company

About Company

BelProgressCompany LLC is a company engaged in the production of sawn timber and solid wood panels of export quality. To achieve the best results, we exert maximum efforts for the process organization at the highest level and fulfillment of orders as quickly as possible. 

Our company is a family enterprise that is already the best guarantee of a responsible approach to the planning and execution of each work phase from the date of acceptance of the order to delivery of finished products to the Customer. We have no right to be irresponsible, because every action speaks for our reputation and name. Thus, each of our employees is a professional expert in their field, performs their duties in well-orchestrated and timely manner and aims to improve the Company’s operation.

Our company has come a long way of development, started its operations more than 10 years ago. After coming into the market of the Republic of Belarus and achieving a strong position, we decided to go the extra mile and to expand the sales geography. Thus, in 2010 after the increase in production capacity and the introduction of innovative technologies, we began to manufacture export-quality products. 2015 brought a new round of development of BelProgressCompany company; we started with the production and sales of solid oak wood panels as well as loft style furniture. Today we continue to develop, monitor and quickly implement new technologies in the production process, which allows us to process from 300 to 400 cubic meters of round oak wood. 

The main principles of our company are the excellent product quality and customer focus, so that our customers are enterprises that hold leading positions not only in the markets of Belarus, but also abroad. 

Despite the ever-changing supply and demand conditions, our Company does not lose competitiveness and respect for Customers. Every day brings us new opportunities for self-improvement, technology development, and search for non-trivial solutions for creation of better products that will be used by people for decades.


For advice you can contact us by phone +375 29 312-13-15, or please leave the application.